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Parks Department History

1940 - The citizens of Thompson, by majority vote, established the first park district in Geauga County.  Three Park Commissioners were appointed.

1941 - The Park Commission acquired 13 acres as the initial property of the Park District.

1942 - The pavilion, as it stands today (2000), was erected.

1950 - 20 acres were purchased from the Crandall family.  This made 33 acres, South of Thompson Road, above and below the ledges.

1980 - 7 acres North of Thompson Road were purchased from the School Board, bringing the total acreage to 40.

1989 - Mr. Alex Zebehazy donated funds of approximately $100,000 to build the present Ledge Park Building.

1992 - 14 acres, North of the property purchased from the School Board, were donated by John and Fred Green.  The Park District, at this point in time, consisted of 54 acres.

1997 - Richard and Beverly Znidarsic donated $10,000 towards the purchase of 12 acres joining the property donated by the Greens.  This brought the total acreage of the park to today's 66 acres.

1999 - Presently there is NO Township Levy supporting the Park District.  Approximately $7,500 per year is obtained from County funds to maintain the park.  $1,200 dollars per year is received from the Township Trustees for the use of the Park Building for twice monthly and special meetings.