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History of the Thompson Township
Police Department

In March of 1958, the Trustee�s of Thompson decided to establish a Police Department. In that same month, Mr. Allan Wilbur was appointed the first Township Police Constable. Mr. Wilbur held that position until January 1960 at which time Mr. John Gross was appointed to serve as Constable.

Mr. Gross was given the first "Red" light and decals, which he used on his personal vehicle. Mr. Gross passed away in November 1960. The Township was without police service until June 1961 when Mr. James Fischbach was appointed to serve as Town Constable.

In October of 1963, a Police District was established under an Act of the Ohio Legislature that permitted such police forces to be founded. This was the end of the Constable Era and the Thompson Township Police Department was established. Under the old Constable system: jurisdiction was only on Township roads and only certain crimes could be investigated.

The new Police Department could now operate more successfully with a wider authority and greater Police powers.

Constable Fischbach was then appointed the first Police Chief. Chief Fischbach was aided by his wife, Eleanor, who dispatched calls from their home and acted as the Police Secretary. The first Police car was a 1959 Ford that was donated to the Township by Mr. James Sidley.

In 1971, a 1.7 Mil Operating Levy was passed by the Voters, the first new cruiser was bought in December of 1972.

In May of 1975, Mr. William Wholf was appointed as Police Chief.

In October of 1975, the first full-time Patrolman was hired. About this same time dispatching service was established and the development of a Police and Rescue service started to take place. Dispatching was still done from Chief Wholf�s house, however the Police Station and Dispatch Center was set up at the Town Hall. The dispatch center was staffed only on weekends.

The Thompson Township Police Department has since been commanded by

Chief Phil Morelock 1979-1983
Chief John Williams 1983-1993
Chief Robert Fowler 1994-2014

Dec 2014: Current chief is James Koster

The Thompson Police Department is located at
6784 Madison Road
Thompson, Ohio, 44086.

Click here to read the Police History as published in the 1976 "Thompson Ohio Bicentennial Community" Publication.