Thompson Baptist Church

On February 21, 1850 the Baptist Church of Thompson was organized with Thomas Bonney as Clerk and a membership consisting of: Nathaniel and Margaret Phelps; Joshua, David, Jemima, Esther and Eliza Morse; Lucy and Uriah Blakeslee; Preserved and Neomi Bartlett; Thomas and Eliza Bonney; Ira and Martha Warner; Orvil and Sarah Churchill; Elijah and Mary Nye; Daniel and Betsey Folsom; Prudence Vanauken and Oliver Pomeroy.

In 1854 at a cost of $600, Josiah Wheaton built a church. An organ and furniture were purchased for $250, and the Baptist Congregation with David Morse as Superintendent and a Sabbath School numbering forty during the summer was served by the following Elders in the pulpit: Stoughton, Booth, Lockwood, Clark, Leavitt, Roberts, Pomeroy, Taylor, Jaynes, Warriner and Rider. By this time (1878) the membership totaled forty-seven.

The records having been destroyed when the home of Clerk a. F. Gretton burned, the history of this church is regrettably sparse. The building and property were sold in 1921 to a Charles Robinson.

Above information from the 1976 book
Thompson Ohio Bicentennial Community